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Cyclıng Routes


Worldwide Cycling Trends in Mediterranean

The EuroVelo network is made of 16 long-distance cycle routes, which connect and unite the whole European continent. The network was first established in 1995 and although there have been various attempts to measure and map the routes over the years, it has not been possible to do this systematically and accurately in all 38 countries through which the routes pass.

Cycling Tours in Turkish Riviera

Piecing together all the different tracks took some time, especially where the routes crossed national borders, but all this hard work has paid off allowing us to have a complete picture of the network and the tracks can now be easily updated going forward.

The Izmir Eurovelo Route connects to the ports of Dikili and Cesme via Lesbos and Chios islands and passes through seventeen townships of the city. The route is structured with reference to the ancient sites and their interconnection based on natural, cultural and local values. Izmir EuroVelo Route connects two very important ancient cities. Pergamon in the north, and Ephesus in the South with other ancient sites on the route constituting its backbone.

All that is left now for you to do, is to calculate how many days you will need to cycle your next chosen EuroVelo route and to plan your trip!

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