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Mediterranean Route

Velo Izmir

The Izmir Eurovelo Route connects to the ports of Dikili and Cesme via Lesbos and Chios islands and passes through seventeen townships of the city. The route is structured with reference to the ancient sites and their interconnection based on natural, cultural and local values. Izmir EuroVelo Route connects two very important ancient cities. Pergamon in the north, and Ephesus in the South with other ancient sites on the route constituting its backbone.


Iron Curtain Trail

Edirne & Kırklareli

After crossing the border from Greece, you soon arrive in the major city of Edirne. Originally founded by the Romans, Edirne has changed hands many times over the centuries and the modern city contains several impressive historical buildings most notably the Selimiye Mosque, which has the highest minaret in Turkey (70.9m). From Edirne there is an attractive stretch of the route next to Lake Kayalıköy on the way to Kırklareli. This leads back to Bulgaria where you follow the signs to Carevo and the end of the Iron Curtain Trail. As a reward for all your efforts, you can take a dip in the Black Sea and relax.


Via Romea (Francigena)

All Roads Lead to Rome

Over a thousand years ago, pilgrims traveled all the way from England to Rome. After the Eternal City, the route continued to Jerusalem through the port of Brindisi, along the ancient Via Appia. Now, you can follow their footsteps by cycling EuroVelo 5 our 3,200 km version of this legendary route. The route passes through 7 different countries and links both modern and ancient institutions, with many cathedrals, churches, monuments and museums mixing along this route with the major European Institutions in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg. Whether you want a short break or a long adventure, EuroVelo 5 offers something for everyone!

Low Altitudes

In the second stage of EuroVelo 5 you cycle between two of the capitals of the EU: Brussels and Strasbourg. Brussels is a unique destination, full of magnificent architecture, culture and history. Working your way south you will cycle by Chateau La Hulpe; the fascinating city of Namur, capital of Wallonia; and then enter the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg after crosssing the Belgian Ardennes. The route crosses Luxembourg City itself, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on a 2-km stretch. You then continue your journey on continuous cycle paths, through mainly rural areas, into France.


Pergamon, Teos, Ephesus 

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