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Cycling Community in Riviera

Our center is in Izmir and we take reservations in Turkish Rivera.

Our aim is allowing you efficient time to explore the Ancient Cities and the most remote locations, crowd-free beaches, natural paths, underwater caves and Ionian-made crystal clear sea pools. We have various options for trekking routes, freediving spots and cycling tours.

To minimize our carbon footprint,
To protect our physical and mental health,
For a healthier society and cities,
For the continuity of natural habitats;

“Cycling Here and There!” our motto;

We act with the aim of spreading sustainable and long-term bicycle tourism.


TeosBike also gives VIP service for your bikes to fix in one visit. If your bicycle needs attention from an experienced hand, listen to it and contact with us.

TeosBike in Riviera encourages you to contact and try one of our customized bicycles and enjoy riding by yourself or with a Local-Guide.




  • +905073709990
  • info@teosbike.com
  • Seferihisar / Izmir