Cyclıng tours


20″ foldable bicycles are easy to control and they provide sudden maneuver. Suitable for both adults and children with at least 150 cm height. 

26″ MTB, 28″ Hybrid and other customized Special Purpose bicycles. Suitable in anywhere but concrete road. Optional V-brake and disc brake systems.

Starting with 16″ up to 28″, offering different models and optimal joy for every ride. If you are ready for a training you come to the right place.


Balance on the wheel. Cycling short distance with quality. Basic preparation for your next journeys.

Bicycle Maintenance and the needed tools with required skills and techniques. Why cycling here and there?

Around the globe? Yes! But, cycling here, in Turkish Riviera or deep in Anatolia? Let us discuss further the differences between Benelux Countries and Turkish Cities.

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